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SDG 2 Startup of the week: PermaVerde

“Access to the territory for rural women and youth, beyond a legal issue, must be sociocultural access.” said the PermaVerde team.



PermaVerde is rural entrepreneurship that promotes territorial and youth development in the state of Guanajuato based on the objective of sustainable development SDG2: Zero Hunger. It bases its principles on agricultural education for the achievement of sustainable food production and thus achieve food sovereignty for families in the region.

We asked the team behind the PermaVerde to share their story:
PermaVerde has three major working areas.

The first is Agriculture where inputs, vegetables, seeds, and plants are produced.
The second is the Environmental Education area where the workshops, courses, trainings, tours, and others are concentrated.
The third area is project consulting, the latter focused on the development of productive projects for small-scale farmers.

"Our business philosophy is to provide quality food, education with awareness and life projects for our clients.

Our vision is to be the most important company at the regional level that offers organic vegetables, supplies and seeds, as well as the supply of native plants.
PermaVerde will be the one who offers programs on environmental education and the entity that clients trust to grow their life project."

What are your values?
"Responsibility: Production with a conscience
Respect: To our processes and our nature
Integrity: We do our best to make our businesses transparent
Trust: Our work reflects our commitment to the client to offer the best quality
Appreciation: Gratitude to our employees and business partners
Passion: Life is too short not to love what you do.
Teamwork: We collaborate for a common goal
Leadership: Take the initiative and motivate our environment for change"

Our social commitment lies in offering a space of sustainable education to the people of the El Sabino community, through free talks and workshops, as well as part-time employment for young students.

In an ecological way, our commitment is focused on sustainable production that supports the conservation of our soil, water, and other resources. Similarly, we have ecological awareness campaigns such as volunteer issues and seed exchange."

“The achievement of food sovereignty concerns us all as society, academia, government and the private sector”

You have an interesting ongoing campaign. Tell us more about it!

"The “My First Vegetable Garden at Home” campaign is a program that arose due to the health situation of COVID19. Since the beginning of the quarantine, people have taken refuge in their homes with great intrigue, there is no end date for this situation and from PermaVerde we wanted to support food production and cohabitation at home between parents and children.

For this, 100 seed kits were allocated, which were given to people in the region and throughout the Mexican Republic. Upon seeing the response and the need to learn how to grow food at home, coverage was expanded to 500 kits.

This campaign has been far-reaching in forming a network to report on the SDGs and home farming.

We hope to have a third stage of this program to achieve the delivery of 1000 kits. "

#FoodFromHome #FoodForAll

“If we are surrounded by dream achievers it will be easier to achieve their own” concluded the PermaVerde team

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