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SDG 2 Startup of the week: Wild Plains Foods

"When you snack on Wild Plains Foods, you're making a difference to some of East Africa's most vulnerable people. Each pack purchased helps fund education, health & hygiene, sustainable farming, conservation & community development projects in East Africa."



Read the story of Wild Plains Food:

"Wild Plains Foods was started with a mission of ensuring we leave a positive social impact on all our stakeholders while contributing to a better society. All stakeholders mean, 
Our Consumers = No Nasties, No Additives, and No Added sugars in our snacks. Only wholesome natural pure fruit 
Our Environment = We farm organically with permaculture principles to try to minimize impact on the environment and to try to emulate the natural biosphere as much as possible 
Our Society = We sponsor and support a range of programs focused on Education, Health/Hygiene, and Conservation to ensure society at large benefits from our products. Some of these projects have included a borewell at the school near the farm (It means children have more time to education), Training farmers on conservation farming and organic farming, Going to schools with the Jane Goodall Foundation to teach children about healthy eating and nature. 
Our Team = We are rainforest certified so we adhere to ethical standards at our farms and factories. We run on 45% renewable energy sources and have a no-waste facility where the fruit waste gets turned into Biogas and electricity. The remaining waste or BioSlurry is a potent fertilizer that we are developing as an organic input product. 
By virtue of our business model and our focus on the highest quality standards, we contribute to all the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and are also a member of the UN Global Compact which shows our commitment to sustainable and socially responsible practices."
You work towards the Zero Hunger, among other Sustainable Development Goals your startup supports. In what way?
1. We promote sustainable agriculture systems that are beneficial in the long run to the environment and soil which means that yields will improve our time. 
2. We work with and support smallholder farmers across various regions in Tanzania ensuring they get an income 
3  We support and train farmers for free on organic and sustainable farming practices with an intent to assist them to increase food production
4. We promote a local processing industry in Africa that is world-class, enabling growers to have a route to market for their produce to developed countries
5. By being a value-added branded exporter instead of a raw material commodity exporter, we address the inherent trade imbalances in the market. 
We feel that current business models have to naturally evolve to a more socially fair but sustainable form and want to be a leader to show the path forward. 
You can view some of our projects at this link -
", said the WildPlains Foods team.
How did you start?

"First came the farms, since we have always been very passionate about good food with no additives. Then in 2006, a little girl accompanied her father (a worker in the neighboring farm) to work one day- just to get a share of the food her father got at work. Their family had a small farm of about half an acre. With low yields on their own farm, she had nothing to eat at home! Not fair! We got farmers of neighboring fields together to train them on farming practices to increase productivity.

Over the years we continued to do what we could, to help the communities around us. What we were doing was good- but not good enough. We had to think big. With our mission to grow exponentially and sustainably, we set up a company.

Followed by 3 years of setting up the farms, researching & brainstorming, in 2013 we came across this remarkable technology that preserves fruits in their natural taste and also makes it snack worthy! If done properly, we wouldn’t need to add anything artificial in it.

In 2016 we launched our first snacks in the local market. We've been listening to our customers ever since and continuously improving the quality and consistency of the snacks.

in 2017 we were ready with the perfect recipe, ready to hit your stores!

We started out wanting to make the real fruit reach you without adding any flavors-artificial or real.
We managed to achieve just that! Even the great African heat couldn’t deter us!

Each snack purchased helps us fund Education, Health & Hygiene, Sustainable farming,
Conservation & Community Development projects in East Africa.
To see how you are creating an impact click here . "

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