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SDG 3 startup of the week: Beaba

"Good health and well-being are not only through treatments but through information!” said the founder of Beaba, Simone Lehwess Mozzilli.



Meet our SDG 3 startup of the week Beaba (bay-ah-bah), an institute whose mission is to demystify cancer, providing information about the disease and treatment in a clear, objective, and optimistic way, for children, adolescents, and their caregivers.

The president Ms. Simone Mozzilli told us more about Beaba:

"Beaba teams up with patients, doctors, developers, caregivers, and everyone involved in the treatment of a kid with cancer to co-create materials, content, and experiences to debunk myths about this illness and contribute to patient's wellbeing. This is relevant because people don't even use the word CANCER, so how are we going to defeat it? The more we talk about it, the better information we have to do so, the better.

Our mission is to demystify cancer and inform clearly, objectively, and optimistically about the disease and the treatment.

We empower and engage patients, families, and health professionals, providing adherence to cancer treatment and a better quality of life.

Our methodology is Interdisciplinarity • Co-creation precepts of Information Technology"

You have multiple projects to achieve your goals. What are they?

"Yes, we do. It would be best to present each separately:

  • Beabook

Beabook is an informative book distributed to children and adolescents undergoing cancer
treatment. 6.5k patients benefited in 125 Brazilian institutions and 5 international.
We partner with educational institutions for use with health professionals.

  • Alpha Beat Cancer

This one is an application with 20 minigames about cancer and treatment with interaction and
fun. It has more than 18k downloads. The app is internationally awarded from Games For Change, a global festival of impact games to World Summit Awards, that selects and promotes the world’s best digital innovation with an impact on society.

  • Beaba Camping

Beaba Camping is an initiative where patients, caregivers, and health professionals learn about the
disease outside the original context, enabling its re-signification through education and a lot of diversions.
More than 10 participating hospitals and 600 people benefited."

You adapted to the current COVID-19 situation, too. How?

"During the Covid-19 outbreak, we started the projects for the care of patients and professionals during and after the pandemic. There is "Oncovid-19", Information for patients in cancer treatment, Support group for health professionals, and we also distributed Hygiene kits to cancer patients.

We also launched the "SOS", emotional support for children and teenagers, and "P.S. Obrigado!" homage to health professionals. "

Beaba follows the UN Agenda 2030 acting directly and indirectly in the SDG,
with emphasis on Good Health and Well-Being and also SDG 4,5,8,9,10,12,16 and 17.

“Millions of people are living with cancer in the world, and the estimate by 2030 is an increase of 70%.
It is very important to work and raise awareness now. Because good health and well-being are not only
through treatments but through information!” concluded Ms. Simone Lehwess Mozzilli.

Simone Lehwess Mozzilli is CEO and founder of Beaba. She had volunteered for years with children
with cancer when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the advanced stage.
Perceived the lack of support material for comfort during the treatment period, joined other patients, doctors, business, and advertising friends, and founded Beaba.

Go and hear her TedX speech to get inspired.
Meet the rest of the Beaba team:
You can download the whole Beaba presentation HERE.

Follow their work:




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