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SDG 3 week is powered by Instahelp

Mental health is part of our daily life and just as important as our physical fitness.



When you think about health, how often does that include thinking about mental health?

"If the founder is not healthy, doesn't feel good, feels overwhelmed, or maybe even depressed or going through different stages of burnout the chances are the startup will fail..." stated 1MillionStartups founder in a Facebook post.

That is exactly why we decided to focus on mental health this week. And who better to have as a partner, than someone doing exactly that -> Instahelp!

Instahelp takes care of a socially relevant topic. They care about you!

We usually answer the question “How are you?” with “Fine, thank you”. But in reality, every third person in Europe feels mentally or emotionally not well (WHO, 2017).  At Instahelp, the digital platform for mental health, they launched their psychological online counseling service in Nov. 2015. Instahelp is an interdisciplinary team with university degrees in psychology, IT and business.

"What combines us is our vision: We want to enhance mental well-being and to promote the quality of life of our clients by facilitating access to psychological counseling." described the Instahelp team.

Mental health is part of our daily life and just as important as our physical fitness. Many people are aware of the importance of mental health, but still think that psychological advice is something they would never need. Our psyche is still a taboo. “I wish to see mental health receiving the same status as physical health and becoming an integral part of everybody’s health care routine.”, says Dr. Bernadette Frech, CEO of Instahelp.

How does Instahelp work?

"We are there for you when you are not feeling well, and we will match you with a psychologist within a few minutes. Counseling is readily available online via text chat, video and audio call. Thus, we can also provide our service in rural areas. The most common counseling topics are about relationships, self-esteem, stress & performance, family, fears and depressive moods. We now count over 45,000 clients and are active in 5 countries (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, UK). More and more companies (e.g. Lidl, trivago, Renault), insurances (e.g. Allianz, and cooperation partners (e.g. Drei) support us by covering their clients' counseling costs. We guarantee the quality of our counseling services through our scientific advisory board and the university course for online counseling at the Sigmund Freud Private University that every Instahelp psychologist needs to complete.

We see ourselves as a complementary offer to the existing counseling and therapy services. Our clients appreciate the time flexibility, the fast availability of psychologists and also anonymity. The counseling at Instahelp can easily be used online from home - preferably on your favorite couch. Studies by the WHO show that only 30% of people use professional help in case of need. We want to change that with our flexible, easy access. Besides, we are striving to open up the legal framework for online therapy and to ensure that public health insurance companies support our services." explained the Instahelp Marketing Manager Silvia Geier.

Up to now, the highest external sense of achievement was the chance to present Instahelp at the PULS 4 start-up show "2 Minuten 2 Millionen". Most of all, the Instahelp team was delighted about the significant media presence during and after the show that led to a discourse on the topic of mental health.

"Countless people thanked us and expressed their appreciation of our positive, health-promoting approach. On top of that, the awards “Born Global Champion” and “Startup of the year 2019” encouraged us in our actions – we ware one step closer to reaching our vision." they concluded.

And what are you doing to take care of your mental health?

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