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SDG 7 startup of the week: Collective Energy

"As soon as energy is owned by the people themselves, they will use it more carefully" said Christoph Zinganell, CEO and Co-Founder of Collective Energy.



Collective Energy, full-service agency and platform for sustainable investments in renewable-energy-projects, develops innovative crowdfunding projects to make renewable energies accessible to everybody.

"Our client's customers become their investors, financing photovoltaic systems by pre-purchasing the product they offer through vouchers."

Tell us briefly about your company:

The vision and aspiration of Collective Energy is to be THE central contact point and platform for jointly financed photovoltaic and e-mobility projects in Austria. We are a full-service agency for businesses and associations as well as a platform for consumers for sustainable investments in renewable energy projects. Our innovative business model connects commercial interests with those of individuals by using synergies of cooperating value creation, enabling financial profits for both parties. Our presales-crowdfunding-platform serves as a financing model for photovoltaic plants and e-mobility vehicles. The projects are funded by the firms’ customers, who receive price advantages for products and services of the business in return. Advancing the energy transition collectively offers room for added value:

•          Companies make their power supply more economical.

•          Supporters receive excellent products and services on favorable terms.

•          Our environment is relieved by sustainable electricity production.

All these elements can be realized with our range of companies. With our cooperation partner WIR Energie, we have also been offering models since summer 2019 that offer tenants, investors, and owners of space suitable for photovoltaics the opportunity to benefit in many ways from the energy transition."

What is the main application of your solution?

Sustainable investments; enabling Austrians energy transition: We want to make Austria’s energy transition, meaning the reduction of energy obtained from fossil fuels and promoting renewable energy sources and collectively financed providers rather than big energy companies, accessible for every Austrian. Our financing model enables businesses of all kind to adapt eco-friendly power plants, either by funding their own plant or with our WIR-Energie-model. Individuals can support and invest in renewable energy projects already at a low entry price receiving favorable conditions in return.

"We enable every single one of you to invest in renewable energy projects. Let's realize the energy transition together!" invited Christoph Zinganell, the CEO and Co-Founder of Collective Energy.

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