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SDG 8 startups of the week

Meet Yodel and Stream!



Yodel is the cloud-based business phone solution that seamlessly integrates with teams and workflows. This virtual assistant for your business phone calls with cutting edge voice recognition, fully integrated into your business chat platform of choice answers calls and gives insight about the caller, and puts the call through to team members and applications.

"Our smart customer service phone system that koins teams as a receptionist, pre-qualifies inbound voice communications, and allows call management without switching tools by integrating into major SaaS platforms."

For example, Yodel is the phone system that lives in Slack. It allows users to make and receive calls, see who is on an active call and join conference calls, making it possible to talk to your customers and partners on the phone within the convenience of Slack.

With the recent events revolving around COVID-19, aka Corona Virus, many companies are left in unprecedented areas. Some parts of the world are mandating the businesses move to remote work, while others have companies wanting to make that move as well.

Many companies might be new to the idea, or reality, of remote work. It is understandably overwhelming if you’ve decided to go remote, but aren’t sure where to go from here.

"Helping teams work remotely is our specialty at, and can help in your transition to remote work."

Explore more about Yodel:



Stream enables job seekers, freelancers, contractors, and clients to collaborate in real-time, anytime, anywhere. It is a crowdsourced community Digital Workspace that supports a cloud-based work environment to create an additional or alternative source of income.

Stream allows you to browse through thousands of Kenyan Freelancers. Choose one. Pay as you go. It is modern, flexible, empathetic, and not confined in the office.

How it works:

You enter your needs:

Stream provides you an advanced search & filter options. It allows you to search by keyword, filter by categories, and tags. With only a single click, you can find what you want at your own time and space convenience.

Select your favorite seller:

After finding related services, you can view sellers' profiles providing you with details about their biography & all their Stream Jobs. Then, select the suitable one meeting your requirements.

Employers can now recruit:

With a big project, you might have the need to hire not just one but a team of freelancers to accomplish various tasks. Save cash by getting specialists for each task to be completed faster and more accurately based on your requirements.



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