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SDG11: GreenPass is enabling livable cities

‘GREENPASS® enables direct impact to SDG11 - ‘Sustainable Cities and Communities’ by designing climate-resilient architecture and enabling livable cities’



‘Climate-resilient by nature’, that is what GREENPASS®, our SDG11 partner, stands for. We talked with the co-founders.

Read their Story:

The GREENPASS® seed was planted more than 10 years ago at the University of Natural Life Science and Resources (BOKU) in Vienna/Austria. Back then, the relevance of urban vegetation regarding climate regulation and its multiple benefits on humans and urban environments were not accepted and esteemed. But, why? Probably, due to unquantifiability.

Accordingly, GREENPASS® has been designed with the clear aim to create a transparent, standardized and software-based evaluation tool to illustrate and communicate the benefits of vegetation and climate-resilient urban design based on robust scientific ground. The core idea was to provide the tool to as many professionals in the field of architecture and urban development as possible to finally change the way we build and create livable cities. As a precondition, the tool had to be easy to use and applicable worldwide.

Bernhard Scharf: ‘every plant is a cooling drop on the hot stone of a city…’

After many years of intense research lead by our mother company Green4cities – starting with fundamental challenges and continuing to ever more applied projects as well as first demos - in 2018 the market-proof StartUp GREENPASS®, was founded by Florian Kraus, Bernhard Scharf, Doris Schnepf, and Peter Küsters. The operative basis was set up and the seed had grown to a young and healthy tree - our GREENPASS® Icon.

The GREENPASS® services account for the different phases of project development with the unique toolbox, which offers tailored tools for the different planning phases and allows us to evaluate, optimize and certify urban development and architectural projects in accordance with the respective budgets and timelines.

More than 60 projects in 9 European Countries and 20+ trained Urban Climate Architect (UCA) partners later, the general relevance of sustainable, resource-efficient and climate-resilient development of our cities is proven. Microclimate and climate resilience considerations become recently mandatory in first European Cities, like eg in Vienna, and will be an integral and crucial part of future urban development. The GREENPASS® Livable Cities Team aims to set the international standard for climate-resilient urban planning and architecture to enable livable cities for the people worldwide!

Florian Kraus: ‘we are all a crucial part of our urban transition’

With GREENPASS® we are proud to contribute to the UN SDGs 3, 11, 13 and 15 and have a direct impact to climate adaptation of urban areas, health and quality of life for citizens via purposeful measures, like the implementation of green and blue infrastructure or nature-based solutions, consideration of building orientation and use of materials – GREENPASS® reveals it! Everyone is invited to team up and foster this essential transformation towards livable cities!


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SDG11: GreenPass is enabling livable cities