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We are in quest for 1MS Executive Director

The position requires a dynamic individual who is passionate about impact, entrepreneurship and communities, fostering growth, and developing innovative programs for startups and entrepreneurs. 



1MillionStartups is focused on growing a community of 1 million members of startups and entrepreneurs inspired to impact the world through their actions, through entrepreneurship. A movement based on solutions, moreover, solutions in contribution to Sustainable Development Goals by UN. In our over 25 years of experience & research, we identified the three most crucial issues for entrepreneurs to develop successfully: 1) access to role models, 2) access to know-how, and 3) access to capital. With 1MilionStartups we tackle all three problems and provide global solutions. 1MillionStartups was selected and presented at the UN Communication Group Meeting in Vienna as a best practice example of how business can contribute to innovation and achieving the SDGs. 

#togetherWE can create the world we want

Promote - Inspire - Educate – Invest

For the first time, we are in a quest for Executive Director! We are female 3 co-founders passionate about entrepreneurship, SDGs and making the world a better place. 

The ideal candidate for this role embraces as a thoughtful approach to fundraising, strategic planning, organizational leadership and day-to-day operational management. This position requires a dynamic individual who is passionate about impact, entrepreneurship and communities, fostering growth, as well as developing and managing fresh and innovative programs for startups and entrepreneurs. 


Main operational tasks 2022 - 2023

  1. Yearly Global Conference – the most important event in Vienna, live, October 2022 and 2023 (this will be our 5th and 6th conference) 
  2. Set and manage all year long SDG Promotional Campaign on digital channels 
  3. Design, produce and implement full entrepreneurship educational program (with partners) 
  4. Start working on an Impact measurement guide/ or tool for startups
  5. Becoming financially fully independent and stabile  
  6. Organize a fundraiser event(s) 
  7. Founding a foundation in the Netherlands 
  8. Website redesign (project management)
  9. New Members Onboarding digital campaign 
  10. Enlarge partner network and Chapters around the world



- Remote position, headquarters in Vienna (English main language, fluent German is a plus)

- Co-creating strategy and goals (with the Board)

- Create a business plan, establish goals, objectives, and operational plans (in collaboration with Board)

- Responsible for fundraising and sponsorships (supported by the Board); actively manage, and oversee the organization’s fundraising - ensuring the organization’s financial sustainability

- Proactively propose, created and lead different new projects - new revenue streams

- Oversee and reports on the organization’s results for the Board of Directors

- Overs see and runs day-to-day activities

- Operational lead for communication activities, social media, media contacts etc.

- Leading role in new partnerships and collaborations

- Scouting new team members and volunteers



The ideal candidate for this role embraces servant-leadership as well as a thoughtful approach to day-to-day operational management, strategic planning, organizational leadership, people and the environment. Qualified candidate should bring:

  • Prior executive experience as a successful leader of a related nonprofit organization and/or organization
  • A proven track record of growing organizational capacity and programmatic impact
  • A strong understanding of entrepreneurship and the SDGs
  • Proven abilities and experience in fiscal management and preparing and securing Board approval for a complex budget
  • Passion for creative program creation and organizational funding growth
  • Ability to review current organizational programs/structures and make recommendations that empower programmatic refinements
  • Capacity to excel at influencing and leading an organization towards positive growth
  • Capable of designing and directing strategies that enhance and support organizational operations
  • Knowledge of how to foster an environment of accountability, healthy work relationships and partnerships, and inclusivity among organizational staff to maintain a positive and collaborative work environment



Starting compensation includes:

- 3 - months trial period with secured salary (full-time or part-time model, and compensation amount to be negotiated)

- After 3 months, the salary should be obtained from the new, annual budget prepared, and raised by the candidate

- Benefits package includes a yearly bonus which is calculated as a percentage (rate to be negotiated) of fulfilled or over- performed annual budget/ raised capital, flexible working hours, fully remote work



We are in quest for 1MS Executive Director



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