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1MillionStartups Global Conference 2018

1MillionStartups’ first Global Conference will be hosted this September in Vienna, weXelerate. It will be the first live gathering of 1MillionStartups global community, over 500 SDG startups from 65 countries.



1MillionStartups is the pioneering global platform dedicated to identifying, promoting and supporting SDG startups and entrepreneurs, the ones that are focused on solving real-life problems and achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals. On September 12. -14., they will host the first 1MillionStartups Global Conference in Vienna, weXelerate, exploring the theme “What does investing in SDGs brings to the future?”.
The Conference will be the first live gathering of 1MillionStartups global community, over 500 SDG startups from 65 countries. The conference is exclusive to 1MillionStartups members, partners, and special guests.

Some of the speakers that will be keynoting are: Monica Carco - Senior Industrial Development Officer UNIDO, Candace Johnson - President Emeritus EBAN, Hansi Hansmann - President aaia, Best European Early Stage Investor 2015, Andreas Brandstetter - CEO Uniqa Group, Cameron Sinclair - Head of Social Innovation at Airbnb and Selma Prodanovic - Founder & CEO 1MillionStartups who will open the conference.

“This event is an opportunity for our members to meet, learn from each other, exchange experiences, and moreover, to align our vision, and act together to make the positive difference in lives of a billion people by 2030. The best proof of the strength of our community is that the conference was fully booked in less than 24 hours from registration opening.” – says Selma Prodanovic.

Last year in November 1MillionStartups has made an essential step in promoting entrepreneurship worldwide as a key driver in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. They have launched the Global Entrepreneurship Declaration, in UN headquarters in Vienna, welcomed by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). UNIDO and 1MillionStartups have been collaborating for some time now, to globally build awareness on the role of startups, including social enterprises, and to build the capacities of existing and aspiring entrepreneurs, leveraging on their respective expertise. At the conference, those topics will be broadened; discussing the solutions on how to enable entrepreneurs to create and develop their enterprises successfully, and advising how developed businesses can support the cause and invest in the right partners.

Businesses and organization that have already recognized the importance of the topics and the conference are; Uniqua, IWG plc (Regus, Spacesworks) Accent, organizations like GIN, Vienna Business Agency, EBAN, than weXelerate, Cerovski Boutique, Startaparat, and Brainsworks. derbrutkasten is the leading media supporter.





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