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Non-profit hero for SDG1: Volkshilfe Österreich

The Volkshilfe Österreich charity has been dedicated to fighting poverty and social exclusion since its establishment in 1947.



The Volkshilfe charity is organized as an Austrian holding organization and legally independent provincial organizations and some district associations. Volkshilfe is a member of SOLIDAR (formerly Workers Aid International). In Austria, Volkshilfe operates in services like home help, home nursing, refugees, advice centers and organizes childminders. The Volkshilfe Wien employs about 1.500 persons.

One of their recent campaigns is to abolish child poverty, 'JedesFünfteKind'
“When I want to buy something, I'm sad at first. And somehow I understand it, too, because we need the money for something else, for food and basic things, but if I need something urgently, for example, clothes or something for school, I take my pocket money and pay for it. ”(Klara, 12 years)

Child poverty has many faces. Klara is 12 years old. She grows up in poverty and is one of almost 300,000 children and young people in Austria who are at risk of poverty. Poverty is more common among children and adolescents than in other social groups. Children and adolescents in households with more than three children, in single-parent households or in households without Austrian citizenship are particularly affected. You can find all the information about child poverty in Austria
HERE, but more importantly, SUPPORT THEM HERE.

We asked Tanja Wehsely, the Managing Director of Volkshilfe Wien what motivates them:
"What to do when you are a child in a family that struggles with poverty? Better to save the food money for new shoes and go to school with an empty stomach? Fortunately, most people in Austria don't have to ask themselves such questions. For every fifth child, it is part of its everyday life. We can end child poverty today if we want to!"

Follow the work of this amazing Non-profit organization on its official website.

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