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SDG 2: Zero Hunger week is powered by Rita Bringt's

RITA bringt’s is Vienna's first delivery service for organic lunch and catering, delivered by cargo bike. They only cook and deliver what’s been ordered the day before.



"We are glad to live in abundance. Too often, we buy too much food and from countries far away, despite Austria could easily feed itself the whole year. Of course, this would sometimes mean to quit some of the luxuries that we are used to and would also be a step back. But then this leads us to one contemporary question: Why waste groceries? There is no answer to this. Think ahead, order, buy and get what you really need. There is no place for overproduction and food waste!" said Rita, the founder of the supporter of this 1MillionStartups SDGs week: Zero Hunger.

RITA bringt’s is Vienna's first delivery service for organic lunch and catering, delivered by cargo bike. They only cook and deliver what’s been ordered the day before.

What is the story of Rita Bringt's?
"From our day one in 2014 it was our goal with RITA bringt’s to provide a holistic concept, build a sustainably thinking and working company, where everything we do is connected to each other, makes sense and is provided from one hand - from purchasing to cooking to delivering and of course logistics and customer service. We use 100% organic products, from regional partners and as seasonal as you can get them, home-cooked, every day fresh, vegetarian and vegan and delivered by cargo bike. There is one important point, maybe the most important one: you need to order in advance (the day before). With that, we only cook and deliver what’s ordered and we prevent ourselves from overproduction and food waste. In gastronomy, this is not only an important environmental friendly thinking, but it also lets us work efficiently. Also, you get your food as freshly prepared as possible.
In the catering business and with events you can never know: are there more or fewer guests, are people more or less hungry - you can only guess and advise. Too often, buffets are still half full when everybody has already left. We offer three solutions: we provide takeaway boxes for the guests. If we see that there’s still food left, we pack it and people can take it home. We also cooperate with food sharing. The leftovers are collected from volunteers and distributed to different organizations to feed people who are hungry. Of course, there are also sometimes leftovers in our kitchen - we prepare many dishes and many ingredients, you can’t always cook exactly on the gram. Our team can take everything they can eat and carry.

Speaking of overproduction: It became too important for us, that in supermarkets everything has the same size, color and shape, no spots, no stains, and a nice glance. What about rare types of vegetables? What about yellow eggplants, green tomatoes or huge cabbage? In Austria, one radish needs to have a diameter of 3-3,5cm. Exemplars that are too big or too small don’t find their way into the shelves. Same with tomatoes, zucchini, potatoes - name any type of vegetable. In one week in August, we got a message from one of our farmers, there were 800kg of so-called "B-stock“ eggplants and one ton of too red tomatoes. We get these messages every week in the harvest season.
Who cares, if the eggplant in your curry had a sunburn? Are you interested in the original shape of your tomato, if you see it in the sugo? We are able to take some hundred kilos of different vegetables for our daily cooking and sometimes also cook sugo from overripe tomatoes, pickle too big radish, make pesto from the radish’s greens, produce eggplant spread and lots more.
There is a place for B-stock and overproduced vegetables and it’s called gastronomy. We are the interface between farmers and customers. B-stock food can save people from hunger if there’s somebody to cook it. Products with a short expiry date can be shared instead of thrown away - logistics are the key.

There’s one more aspect in our company that would complete the holistic approach: growing and harvesting our own vegetables. Let’s dream of it to have a big goal. And in the meantime: let us cook for you and make you full and happy!"


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