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SDG 3: Innovaciones Politecnicas is promoting health and entrepreneurship in Mexico

"In Innovaciones Politecnicas we are convinced that it is necessary to make a difference."



Innovaciones Politecnicas is made up of a group of scientists from the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico that develops their research for products to combat diseases such as diabetes, cancer, hypertension. As the results of 20 years of research, they developed the "Transfer Factor" which is having favorable results in patients with Covid19.


The Polytechnic Innovations team shared their story with us:

„Innovaciones Politécnicas is one of the main product research and development companies and has managed to establish itself as a company promoting health and entrepreneurship in Mexico. It has been a challenge for us to be able to create a different and innovative concept that allows everyone to be able to obtain excellent health and support them with prevention habits. In Innovaciones Politecnicas we are convinced that it is necessary to make a difference. We are not just another company, we are the company that is evolving the way to have preventive health, with our innovative scheme and our wide range of products made by scientists, today we have 35 thousand partners and 350 locations in Mexico and we have already reached 6 countries in Latin America.

We care about people, their health, and their habits and this is why the main focus is on ensuring that all families can access our health products and programs.“


What are you currently working on?

„We started the Transfer Factor against Covid19.

The "Transfer Factor" are leukocytes that help increase the immune system of the patients. Our research that we are doing for 20 years has helped us face the Covid19. Today, many of the infected patients are leaving with a speedy recovery, in a period of 2 to 4 days. When the immune system is increased, the patient's body begins to develop antibodies capable of facing any foreign pathogen that enters the body.“

Esmeralda, a nurse at the Imss medical institution in the CDXM, has been one of our patients who, while doing her work taking care of patients with covid19 - caught it. She became serious and contain her father.

"He couldn't breathe, he had no sense of smell, no taste, his fever was very high from 38 to 40 degrees, he had fever delusions." she told us.


One of our scientists Dr. Enrique Pastrana administered "Transfer Factor" to her and her father, and after a few days, they both recovered 100%.


You can read this story here: „ shared the Polytechnic Innovations team.


What is your contribution to SDG 3?

„We are committed and we have the responsibility as scientists to develop new technologies that allow us to improve the quality of life and health of our patients. There is still much to do, the work is very large and we have almost no financial support for our research, we do a lot with what little we have, but we are on the right track.“

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