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SDG 9 startup of the week: Beentouch

"We wanted to reduce distances both physical and technological. The world is small but still not enough." said the Beentouch team.



What is Beentouch™?
Beentouch is the app that provides high-quality calls and video calls even with bad
internet networks.

What is your idea of communication?
Beentouch™ is the app that provides free high-quality calls and video calls even with bad
internet connections. This is a nice to have for the developed world, while it is a fundamental
characteristic for the southern hemisphere of our world. Emerging markets live on the
mobile-only economy and they are developing fast thanks to the digital. Internet
connections are still poor, and the video communication software known in the more
developed world don’t work there. Up to 1.3 billion people are still waiting for the possibility
to access distance communication, and we’re here to make it. Beentouch™ is built with the
best technology on the market to provide the best quality with low data usage. It finds a fit
for emerging countries and mobile connectivity. Also, Beentouch™ implements unique
astonishing features that expand the way people can interact during a video call, below just
audio and video. The EmotionConnect℠ creates a whole new communication experience
that expands the sensory universe during a communication. From touch to masks, to clips
and editings to share. Because each moment counts, especially on distance.

What is innovative in your app?
Beentouch™ implements the best performing technologies nowadays. Data are transmitted
between the two involved users only, unlike it happens with almost all the other competitors
that burden the bandwidth for other usages. This way, Beentouch™ has improved quality
yield and reduced data usage. Beentouch™ is able to modulate the transmission according to
the network conditions in order to provide the best output possible while saving on data
plans. All the communications are encrypted to ensure the privacy of our users. Remaining in
the technological field, please note that Beentouch™ does not implement any form of data
listening for subsequent use. This makes it one of a kind and reflects our respect for the data
of the users.

We simply revolutionized videocalls. Until now, they are still stagnating at what they were at
their inception, dated 20 years ago. Now, we finally expanded the way people can interact
and feel closer despite the distance. Voice and images are the base level of communication.
We introduced a whole new sensory universe into distance communication. The first we
released (that you can already use into the app!) is the EmotionTouch℠. Try it and then come
to us and let us know how it felt!

Who is in the team that stands behind the brand?
The team is composed of a pretty tight group of young people that believes that dreams are
worth it only if turned to reality.
Danilo Mirabile: CEO
Alberto Longo: COO
Emanuele Accardo: CTO
Federica Munzone: CDO
Daniele Pecoraro: CMO


What are your steps?
After a development cycle in Italy, the app is available worldwide since November 22nd
2016 for the Android platform. People can search for it on the Google Play Store and
communicate easily with everyone who has an Android smartphone all over the world. The
97% of smartphone owners in emerging markets have an Android device. The next version
that we are going to release is the one accessible via the web. It will be useful for everyone who
wants to connects via PC or Mac. Subsequently, we will release the iOS version to complete
our mobile and desktop offer with all the most distributed platforms.
Beentouch™ wants to promote the right to communication in every country of the world and
aims to connect half a billion people by 2020.


Follow Beentouch and join their journey:


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