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SDG1 Startup of the week: Ghetto Natives

Ghetto Natives programs provide life-changing, intensive opportunities and community engagement initiatives to youth majorly in 7 slums of Jinja District



One more startup we would like to present to you, working towards achieving the SDG1 is Ghetto Natives from Uganda.

How would you describe what you do?

We are a local agency, driven by the social-economic happenings in slums of developing towns in Uganda, we not only deliver projects but offer expertise, support, and innovation for young people and partners to change lives in slums. Ghetto Natives initiative has been working with young people since 2014and our work is led by various young people every year. 

How do you contribute to SDG1: No Poverty?

Since 2015 we have been working with young people and partners around the following program areas:

1. Health and sanitation Programme (HSP)
2.Livelihood Enhancement and Entrepreneurship Programme (LEEP)
3.Environmental Conservation Programme (ECP)
4.Talent Development Programme (TDPro)

That’s when the above program areas are put into force they all resonate to minimizing poverty from our beneficiaries as will be health not to spend money in hospitals, increase on their financial from entrepreneurship support/start-ups, saving schemes, Talent development we have supported some local artiste and Athletics with our annual charity run.(We call on more support to boost the local arts in movie making as a lot of young people are talented but we are challenged with production and promotion of the movie projects)

How did you start?

Ghetto Natives was started by a group of 3 young performing artists in August 2013 and registered as a Community Based Organisation (CBO) in February 2014 (Registered by Jinja District Local Government.).Generally, Ghetto Natives programs provide life-changing, intensive opportunities and community engagement initiatives to youths majorly in 7 slums of Jinja District like Loco Railway Quarters, Masese 1, Mpumudde Market Zone A, Soweto,Walukuba –Zabef Zone, Walukuba-Babu Patel Zone, Kimaka Settlement ,Budondo village, wakitaka a few to mention.  We also anticipate to extend our works in rural areas in upcountry districts like Great Masaka Region south central of Uganda with our loose entity kagolokakyomya Foundation. Ghetto Natives is one of the Eastern Region’s leading youth-led and serving organizations, offering safety and support to Jinja’s most vulnerable and disconnected youth while seeking to also teach young people how to transform the conditions that create problems for them in the first place.: We dream of a society where the slum youth are key actors in the social and economic development of Uganda as our Vision. And we are on a mission of empowering the slum youth, women, and children with a powerful voice and the knowledge and resources to use that voice to create positive change in their lives and their communities.

Ghetto Natives goals (OBJECTIVES)
1.To improve the conditions and standards of living for the slum communities.2. To reduce drug and alcohol abuse amongst the slum youths.3. To improve on the youth talents in arts and sports.4. To enhance the image of slums youths as people who can be useful to community.5. To raise awareness amongst the community members about issues of gender mainstreaming and health.6. To contribute to the environmental conservation campaign and promote sustainable use of available resources.7. To build and strengthen the capacities of slum youths in entrepreneurial, vocational and technical areas.

You can contact Ghetto Natives here:

WhatsApp: +256770561060,,


Want to contribute? Apply for Volunteer Activity


1. Teach English in Our Partner schools.2.Administration.3 Fundraising/resources mobilization 4.Web design and IT related projects.5 Sports activities 6.Exchange programs

Public relations etc. We are open to different talents that can uplift the slum and rural communities


Note: you can join the Team as a partner in your country ie. they need international Partners/board members



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