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SDG5 Women for women in the Women Biz360 Hub

Creating a Community of Empowered Women Entrepreneurs



The local Chapter of 1MillionStartups (1MillionStartups East Africa Chapter) launched a Women Biz360 hub for women only that seeks to empower women in business in Kenya. The hub is helping women break out of the limiting beliefs that hold them back from realizing their full potential while helping them bridge the technology, funding and market access gaps that women in business face.

This is achieved through a series of well-curated masterclasses and coaching which is on 3 levels; life coaching, finance and business coaching to full handhold women to succeed. The hub hosts a think tank that helps women-owned enterprises to co-create technology-driven solutions with young technology students through the design thinking process. Incubates also have a chance to benefit from investor and market linkages, both local and foreign to get an opportunity to scale their businesses. This hub is promoting SDG 5 on Gender Equality to increase the number of women trading not only locally but also regionally and globally and also increase the number of women in Technology. This initiative was selected by the FEBA/Enpact program in Berlin, Germany last year and was among the top 4 grant recipients as an initiative that is supporting women in technology.

How did it all start?

Women Biz360 Hub is co-founded by three female entrepreneurs who have a vision for growing young women-owned businesses in Africa. Our team is of +35 years of combined experience running large corporations across the globe with great technology and network background. Margaret Mutheu- CEO/Co-Founder/ BSc. Computer Science has ten years of experience in IT service delivery and eight years in entrepreneurship. Hodan Mohamed- Co-Founder/ BA (Hons) in International Business and Focused on Marketing, 15+ years in sales, strategy and business development.Faith Mwikali- Co-Founder/ MSc. IT, 10 Years experience in IT operations and project management.

Inspiring Workplaces & Igniting Your Business

"We are a women-only hub in Kenya passionate about empowering entrepreneurs African women to challenge all beliefs that have been holding them back for many years and assist them to become role models of success for many women in Kenya through well-curated programs designed especially to help them identify their talents and reach ultimate success on both personal and business aspects through assisting women with funding and market access gaps they face in business." said the passionate Women Biz360 Hub team.

Why Women?

"Because 61% of the micro-enterprises in Kenya are owned by women and since women are more resilient than men to be entrepreneurs, we are targeting to impact 5000 women in our first 5 years of operations by giving them practical success keys for their life and business through solutions ranging from Exceptional Business Support Services, Mindset Shifting Programs, Mastermind Group membership, Annual Retreat Programs, Market/Investor Linkages, and Inspiring Co-working space with baby care services, Digital Marketing, and Technology For Business."

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