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SDG6 week is powered by Helioz

"There are numerous small steps every business can take to do their part in achieving the SDG 6 goals", Helioz founder Martin Wesian



HELIOZ is an Austrian Social Enterprise active in the field of water disinfection and development of CSR- and climate projects. HELIOZ is partnering with international business customers to finance WASH and climate projects for vulnerable communities in Asia and Africa. More than 100,000 people worldwide have gained access to safe drinking water through HELIOZ and environmentally friendly product WADI.

“Everyone everywhere is intrinsically linked to and utterly dependent upon water. Water is the basis of human life. Access to clean water is a fundamental human right and the foundation for the development of any kind. Achieving the SDG 6 goals is therefore crucial for the prosperity and equality of the people. It is also a significant driver for climate change mitigation and building resilience. There are numerous small steps every business can take to do their part – from water conservation to supporting access to safe water for everyone.”, said the founder of Helioz, Martin Wesian.


How is Helioz connected to achieving the SDG6?

The lack of safe drinking water is the cause of many preventable waterborne diseases. For many people, especially children under the age of five, such diseases often end fatally. When Martin Wesian (founder of HELIOZ) caught Cholera and experienced first-hand the social and financial consequences of this disease for families, his mission to find innovative and frugal solutions to prevent these diseases started. This journey led to the development of WADI and the establishment of HELIOZ.

The mission of HELIOZ is to reduce the threat of waterborne diseases in vulnerable communities of the Global South through the provision of innovative and environmentally friendly safe water solutions (SDG 6.1). HELIOZ is relying on the environmentally friendly and affordable method of Solar Water Disinfection (SODIS) with the UV indicator WADI. WADI was specifically designed by HELIOZ for communities that are in need of an easy-to-use solution for water disinfection.

Access to safe water is a fundamental human right and builds the basis for a healthy and prosperous life. HELIOZ projects follow a holistic approach by providing access to safe drinking water and also including important training on preventative hygiene and sanitation measures that reduce disease transmission. Apart from equal access to safe water for everyone, the projects i.a. also focus on women empowerment, capacity building in the communities and inclusion of people with disabilities and scheduled tribes. There is an inevitable connection between SDG6 and other focus areas of the development goals, like for example health (SDG 3), education (SDG 4), equality (SDG 5, 10) and poverty alleviation (SDG 1). All of which are also strongly influenced by climate change.

"As a Social Enterprise, HELIOZ is interested in showing other businesses which steps can and should be taken to contribute to the SDGs and take climate action." concluded the Helioz team.

Follow their work and support their efforts to bring clean water to those in need:

Facebook @WADIwaterdisinfection

Twitter @HeliozGmbH

LinkedIn HELIOZ | Social Enterprise


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