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Selma Prodanovic calls for resilience!

Read the message to 1MillionStartups community from our founder Selma Prodanovic on the topic of COVID-19 outbreak.



"Dear 1MillionStartups community, dear entrepreneurs, my heroes,

As the coronavirus is spreading across the world, we are facing a global crisis of unseen scale with terrifying and unpredictable overall consequences.

We need to acknowledge the seriousness of the situation and deal accordingly.
Entrepreneurs are exceptionally resilient and capable of adapting to new circumstances, and I trust in your innovative and creative spirit to come up with new solutions and new ways. This is your time to shine and spread your entrepreneurial, problem-solving mindset.

There are two things we can do now:
1) understand the seriousness of the situation
2) focus on what you can control.

1. You need to understand how serious the situation is!
This is clearly beyond comprehension. The danger is so big and
uncontrollable that governments have declared the state of emergency, ie
state of war! With great sadness, I have to say that a few of us reading
this may lose loved ones or even die. Many of us will have to put our dreams on hold, close our business, fire our employees, ...  Please learn from the experience of other countries and share that knowledge. No matter which measures your government is undertaking, it is your personal responsibility to stay safe and healthy!

2. In the overwhelm of terrifying news, focus your energy on what you can control. Whatever happens now, at some point the situation will "normalize" and we
want to be ready. Now is the time to analyze the business, prepare for
change, and optimize for the future. Take this as an opportunity to finally
write the book you always dreamed of, to learn yoga or improve your speaking skills, and for sure create a new plan for your business in 2020 with worst/best-case scenarios.

We are resilient, and we will find a way to manage this. We are in this all
together, and we are a strong global community of exceptional individuals! We share, and we support each other!

The world the way we know it today won't exist anymore, but I like to think that #togetherWE can create a better world!

Stay safe,

Do you have tools or resources that you could make available to 1MillionStartups Community facing short-term crises?

Crises often force people to try new things and behave differently, and these initially short term changes will have long term impacts, too. Let's share good ideas that can make our lives easier, now.

A few tips:
Stay healthy: Follow your local news and WHO instructions.
Get the information on support mechanisms for businesses in your respective countries; The Chamber of commerce is always go-to address, just like startups' and entrepreneurs' associations. And lastly, your peers.

If you have a tool that you'd like to share with our community, write to

Is there anything we can do for you? A good piece of business advice or you'd like to talk to a fellow entrepreneur write to


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