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A world created from ideas, as immaterial resources are limitless

We put high hopes on analyzing big data, but we failed as we haven´t found solutions to the essential problems of our society. Questions like: What is the superior way of organisation of our society in the future or what’s the role of democratic principles in the future? - need to be asked and solved. In the past globalisation, optimization, administration, regulation have served us well and brought us to the level where we are but apparently as the economic situation shows now, we are in a stagnation and all those principles have reached their limits. We need new success principles. ‘I think those success principles are co-creation, co-evolution, collective intelligence, self-organization and self-regulation.’ - says Prof. Dr. Dirk Helbing, Computational Social Science, Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences, ETH/Zurich interviewed by Julia Weinzettl




Only fail digital! - Digital Twins help to prevent real world mistakes

Digital Twins are the exact replica of a product or system in the virtual world.The pairing of the two allows data analysis and monitoring of systems to prevent downtimes but also to predict and simulate outcomes.The virtual world becomes the playground for trial and error and opens new approaches to cost optimizing, efficiency and security. Failures, in reality, can be prevented as they can be identified and resolved in the digital twin. The idea of a Digital Twin is now being developed in the IoT space, and it is rapidly becoming the technology of choice for digitalizing the physical world. It acts as the bridge between the physical and the digital world and has been named one of Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017. Donna Rhodes, Director MIT Systems Engineering Advancement Research Initiative (SEAri), talks about business opportunities, changes in company structures and ethical aspects for the development of a digital parallel universe where failures are made without damages and digital goods will be traded like items in computer games. Interview by Julia Weinzettl (special thanks to Ursula della Schiava- Winkler, Kürşad Özdemir, Christoph F. Strnadl and Harald Katzenschläger for providing insightful questions on the topic)




Biomimicry - learning from nature

All species living and breathing on this planet have gone through billions of years of evolution to be here today. Each of them having developed and mastered successful strategies to live within the operating conditions on the planet. The biomimicry thinking design process is one way that guarantees a thorough investigation into the patterns and strategies of nature, holding the promise for successful emulation into human systems, says Regina Rowland, certified biomimicry expert and professor at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland in the Departments of International Business, New Energy Systems, and Energy & Environmental Management. Interview by Julia Weinzettl




We are launching the first Global Entrepreneurship Declaration!

Excellent news for the global startup eco-system: CALL for startups to join the Global Entrepreneurship Declaration




What evolves from digital connectivity?

Tim Jones - Programme Director and Founder of The Future Agenda. Tim was speaking at M2M Forum, Vienna, june 9th, 2015.




Our background is not a prerequisite for our way to success

Iulia Mugescu/Co-Founder Younited Cultures